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Meet Janet

Specialized Kinesiologist

Before I stumbled upon Specialized Kinesiology, my daily life was an intense struggle.  Like many of you reading this right now, I battled unbearable pain, which left me beyond drained. Surgery was recommended by my medical doctors, but the option wasn't possible in that particular season of life.  Meds helped temporarily, but the side effects were worse than anticipated and I knew they were doing more harm than good.


There were many days where I could not get out of bed. My memory and brain-fog were so bad that I had to rely on constant list-making just to try and remember anything I needed to do.

To cope, I reduced and delegated as many of my responsibilities as possible, but the truth was that every aspect of my life suffered.

My kids were also struggling, and in big ways


At the age of 10, one of my sons suffered a severe concussion from an accident that left him with a 10-minute delayed response time.  Our entire lives changed in an instant.  The simplest things now became very complex.  If I asked him if he was hungry or wanted something to eat, it would take him 10 minutes to process my question and respond.  Imagine only being able to communicate with your child in 10 minute increments.  It was a very emotionally-trying time for our entire family, but of course, just like any of you would do in the same situation, we started to seek out experts and specialists who might be able to help him recover any of the brain function he lost in the accident.


As you might imagine, the wait time to see a neuropsychologist is long.  We waited 10 months for an appointment that was supposed to help us determine what type of special services my son would need going forward - and for the rest of his life.  


During this time we strictly followed the concussion protocol;  we kept him out of school while he healed, we avoided devices emitting blue light (anything with a screen), and we protected his head fiercely.
Still, there were no improvements. 

And while I'm sure you can appreciate how this injury and situation heavily changed the family dynamic, we needed to care for our other children as well.


One of my other children was struggling academically.  Even the simplest of tasks took way longer than they should.  His pediatrician said there was, "No need to worry about it" and "He'll grow out of it".  


However well-intentioned, that advice didn't help him now. He was falling behind in reading and writing.  He could do math in his head, but could barely tolerate holding a pencil.  People encouraged me by saying, "Don't worry. He will get it when he's ready".


We sought out an optometrist who prescribed glasses. Those didn't help either.  Nothing we tried helped....


But as you know, mothers never quit looking for ways to help their children... so I kept searching and searching for solutions.

Specialized Kinesiology was that solution.  


Like you now, I had no idea what Specialized Kinesiology was when stumbled upon it during a conference for homeschooled students.  It was presented to us as a way to help children with learning difficulties.  So, we signed up for an appointment for my son who was falling behind in school.  During our consultation, we mentioned that we had a lot going on and that in a few days' time we would be finally meeting with the neuropsychologist for my other son.  This prompted the woman to ask us about his condition.  After filling her in on the accident, the past 10 months, and his lack of improvement, she insisted that we make an appointment for my other son as well.  We were desperate for hope and anything that might help, so we did just that.

And guess what.  Despite the lack of hope we had been given via traditional medical means, despite the expectation we had been given that we would have to learn to "manage" my son's condition with no talk of how to cure it, despite all odds - that appointment restored my son's brain-body communication to full-function!!  He was just as he had been before his concussion!  And of course, the irony being that, in spite the fact that Specialized Kinesiology is at the cutting edge of neuroscience and has been developed by neuroscientists, all of my son's doctors disbelieved what we told them and called the restoration of his brain function a "miracle".  


Indeed, Specialized Kinesiology was also the solution for my other son's learning difficulties.  After his sessions, his brain-body communication also improved.  He was able to learn to read so much easier than before because he could now recognize letters and hear sounds that they made sense.  The world around him finally began to make sense to him!  All of a sudden, he could understand parts of a whole. He was amazed to discover that each tree was filled with their very own specific, individual leaves.  This means that his vision was never the problem.  Instead, it was his visual perception - or how his brain translated what he was seeing - that had been skewed.  His logical behavior kicked in almost immediately. Wet towels were hung on the towel rack.  Organizing his things no longer caused a fight as he was now able to observe and apply instructions.


Talk about a life-changing experience for each of us individually and for our family as a whole!  Each of us became more present, more focused, and more calm.  Even my own battles with out-of-control hormones subsided.  Thinking became clearer, sleep improved, moving no longer hurt.  Years later, I still have never needed surgery.

Our experience and the results we saw were so incredible that I knew I had discovered something that could offer hope to just about anyone who had lost it.  I knew I wanted to make it my life's work to bring this hope to others - I knew I wanted to bring this hope to you.  So, I pursued Specialized Kinesiology training and certification and in March of 2017 I founded Elevated Wellness of the Ozarks, LLC.  


If you want more out of life for yourself or for your loved ones.  If you want to see how many of your current issues can iron themselves out without drugs or long-term commitments, simply by improving the ability of your brain and body communicate better with each other, it would be my sincerest privilege to be a part of your journey. 

“I suffered with anxiety, depression, and insomnia for years and managed it with a cocktail of medication. After integration and a healthy lifestyle, I’m off all meds and feel great!”

- Claire, 36

“My daughter has a longer attention span, is more patient and calm and she completes projects. Before integration, she was easily scared of noise like loud hand-dryers in bathrooms or people in costumes. Making eye-contact was a real struggle for her. To complete a task she would need to look to me for guidance or further clarification because she was afraid to make a mistake. Now, she can do more independently. Surprisingly, she started enjoying puzzles. She would have never played with puzzles before.”

- Mother of Jill, 6

“Integration was worth the expense. I am more confident, can study more efficiently without re-reading information 4-5 times, and even received a promotion. Home life is less stressful too. Instead of getting irritated when my kids make a mess or forget to do their chores, I just get to the mess when I can or calmly remind them to clean up.”

- Bill, 37

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